Aboveground storage tanks are essential to life as we know it.  So many products that we use in our daily life relied in some part on an aboveground storage tank that contained fertilizer, water, oil, a processing chemical, or some other liquid.

While the purpose and concept are exactly the same, there are two ways that vertical aboveground storage tanks can be built: shop-built and field erected.  The main determination of which method to use is based on the end capacity of the aboveground storage tank.  However, the tools and manner in which the tank is constructed varies between the two tank building methods as well.

The size limitation for shop-fabricated tanks is based on the size of equipment and shop space to handle the tank construction.  Another restraint is being able to transport the finished shop-built tank to its site location.

Field erected storage tanks can start out at 50,000 gallons and range all the way to several million gallons.  Because these aboveground storage tanks are so large in size, all of the materials for the tank are transported to the tank site and assembled to create the storage tank.

Bigger Tank; Bigger Equipment

Large equipment is used to both prepare the material for the field erected tank as well as construct the tank on site.  To build field erected tanks, all of the material for the aboveground storage tank must first be prepared so that it is ready for assembly on site.  Heartland Tank, LLC uses a plasma CNC cutting system to ensure precision in cutting each piece of steel as well as efficient use of material.  Bridge cranes are used to lift the large pieces of steel to and from the burn table.

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