Before construction of an above ground storage tank, tank fabrication and design are the first order of importance. The API 650 design of the tank takes into consideration the needs of the customer and the product stored. Placement of manways, inlet and outlet nozzles, leak monitors, railway connections, the machine hatch, and stairs are at the center of the design. Once the design is complete and approved by the customer, the tank steel is ordered and precisely cut to be assembled onsite.

Meticulous Materials

Heartland Tank, LLC is particular with purpose when it comes to selecting materials for building welded carbon and stainless steel tanks. An above ground storage tank that withstands constant pressure from its contents is only as strong as its component materials.

Heartland Tank, LLC only uses domestic steel in order to be assured of having quality mill certifications.  Each piece of steel used on the tank has a unique stamp that correlates to mill certification paperwork, documenting the source and type of steel.  Heartland Tank, LLC insists on using plate steel instead of decoiled steel, because decoiled steel increases the potential for peaking and banding in the tank.

Additionally, Heartland Tank, LLC always uses 8 foot sheets of steel for the shell, roof, and floor of each tank. Using 8 foot sheets maximizes the strength of the tank by decreasing the number of courses and lateral welds in each tank.

Heartland Tank, LLC does not risk the integrity of its tank material.  Rather, Heartland Tank, LLC ensures only the best mill certified plate steel is used in building our tanks.

Above Ground Tank Fabrication

Tank fabrication is the crafting the various tank components and precision cutting of steel in preparation for fitting the pieces together during construction. Attention to detail and accuracy in the storage tank fabrication process is crucial to building a beautifully round API 650 tank (i.e. minimalizes possibility of peaking and banding). Heartland Tank, LLC’s fabrication facility in Ponca City, Oklahoma was designed and built with the need of storage tank fabrication in mind.

To create the precise parts for each field-erected storage tank, Heartland Tank, LLC owns a wide variety of machinery and equipment.  The Super Hornet Precision Plasma CNC cutting systems are the center of our rigorous tank fabrication standards.  The engineering drawings are nested and exported to the Super Hornet burn table allowing for extreme precision in creating each piece for the tank as well as efficient use of material.

With the Super Hornet Precision Plasma CNC cutting systems, Heartland Tank, LLC can produce sketch plates, manway necks, manway covers, sump flanges, stairway treads, gussets, and much more. Two remote control five-ton bridge cranes are used to quickly unload and load the burn table to keep production moving. Heartland Tank, LLC invests in the best equipment to ensure the best end product.
Whether its fertilizer tank fabrication, oil tank fabrication, asphalt tank fabrication, or any other type of tank, Heartland Tank, LLC will ensure it is designed and cut to its stringent standards.