From fixing a small leak to installing a new storage tank floor to retrofit for a tank liner, our team can complete any repair to API-650 and 653 Specifications, quickly placing the storage tank back in service.

Heartland Tank, LLC has extensive experience in repairing tanks for a wide variety of situations.  Heartland Tank has repaired or reconstructed tanks damaged by:

  • Unstable foundations
  • Corrosion
  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Pressurization
  • Vacuum
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Mudslides

Dealing with minor tank problems is also Heartland Tank’s specialty.  Heartland Tank, LLC looks beyond the minor symptom to determine whether there is a larger cause or situation to correct to prevent significant damage.  We are dedicated to thoroughly investigating any tank problem and fully informing the customer of the various repair options.  Heartland Tank, LLC personnel will explain each option as well as supply guidance as to the best and safest solution.

Are you needing tank modifications to meet state regulatory requirements or for installing an internal liner to an existing tank?  Heartland Tank, LLC’s experienced personnel will make the necessary changes with precision and in compliance with API-650 and 653 Specifications to enable Heartland Tank Services, Inc. to install a flexible internal PVC liner.

Adding an internal liner to an existing tank usually requires modifications to retrofit the tank to allow for a liner.  Heartland Tank, LLC first installs a roof machine hatch that provides the ability to lower the liner into the tank and also provides additional lighting and ventilation in the tank whenever work needs to be performed.  Second, the internal tank nozzles are replaced with standard flat-faced flanges to protect the liner from being stressed.  Finally, valve boxes are installed on the outside of the tank to provide valve containment.  These are straight forward changes but important for the installation and protection of the internal liner. Contact us today and we can assist you with your repair and modification needs.