The Importance of Cleaning Your Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tanks

4 ways professional tank cleanings benefit your organization

Heartland Tank Services recommends a thorough API-650 tank cleaning by trained and certified professionals. There are a number of ways professional cleanings benefit your tank. Here are a few.

Your tank’s life is extended.

Fertilizer is corrosive and will eat away at the walls of a tank. Cleaning the tank reduces the amount of damaging corrosion on the steel containment walls.

Small expenses don’t become large expenses as quickly.

While the cost of a cleaning and inspection is significant, it’s less impactful than the cost of an urgent tank repair. Cleanings help keep a check on wear and tear of your tank.

Downtime is reduced.

If a repair is needed, you don’t want it to be an urgent and immediate surprise. An unplanned shutdown of a portion of your operation results in more significant lost expense than planned maintenance.

Tank inspections are more effective.

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) recommends an API-653 certification of tanks every five years. Properly cleaned tanks lead to more thorough inspections, allowing inspectors to clearly notice and report any structural or code related problems. Improperly cleaned tanks may obscure vital issues that should be addressed before becoming expensive headaches.

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