Taking on the challenges of overseeing the construction of a new fertilizer facility while trying to manage everyday business is an overwhelming task. Just the preliminary work of seeking contractor bids and choosing contractors is extremely time consuming.

Choosing a design build allows you to be involved in the crucial choices of the project while eliminating the mountain of paperwork and coordination headaches.

Total Fertilizer Construction is a partner of Heartland Tank Companies and is a leader in design build of fertilizer facilities. The project management team at TFC has decades of experience in building storage facilities of all shapes and sizes located across the United States. Based on this experience, the TFC team knows what are the critical questions. Each facility is designed to create an efficient and logistically functional facility that serves the unique needs of the customer. The turn-key design always considers your current and future business needs.

The Process

The best part of a design build with Total Fertilizer Construction is that you are in control of the decision making process while our project management team handles the paperwork, details, and project oversight. This takes place through the process of project planning, contractor selection, permit application, and construction.

The project planning is the most critical step in the design build process. No matter whether you need above ground storage tanks for liquid fertilizer, heated tanks, dry fertilizer storage, a mixing system, or complete automation, TFC can help you negotiate the planning of the facility. The TFC team works with you to understand the logistics and needs of your business now and into the future. These in depth discussion delve into great detail, looking at annual tonnage, methods and timing of receiving product, property layout and characteristics, weather conditions, future endeavors, and much more. The success of a design build is based on the detailed forethought in planning.

Once a custom plan is developed, TFC will handle the contractor bidding process with you in command of selecting the contractor for each service. TFC has worked with almost all of the contractors in the fertilizer business and will bring the best in the business to you.

Obtaining permits can be a painful process and if not done timely, can bring a project to an abrupt halt. TFC obtains all of the necessary permits for you in the design build process. This ensures asmooth and timely construction process.

The construction phase is the culmination of thorough planning and is exciting to watch while TFC oversees every detail and contractor performance. TFC coordinates the timing of every contractor so that the project is completed as efficiently as possible. If a problem arises, our project managers use their experience to immediately craft the best logistical solution. TFC assists you from the very first dirt work until the final inspection is completed and the facility is ready for operation.

The Benefits

Opting for a design build has several benefits that simply reduce the stress of managing a fertilizer facility project. First is involvement without the hassle. You are at the center of the decision making while TFC tackles all of the details and paperwork. Second is the streamlined process. The turn key project is centrally coordinated by one project manager. This one point responsibility to the Owner continues for the entire project. Finally, professional guidance is the biggest benefit of choosing a design build. TFC uses its decades of building contacts and experience with building fertilizer facilities to design and build the best fertilizer facility for your needs.

The choice for a low stress project build is yours. Contact the professionals at Total Fertilizer Construction today for more information.