Proven liquid fertilizer storage containment methods are crucial with current government environmental requirements. Internal flexible PVC tank liners provide cost effective primary containment and corrosion protection for your large liquid fertilizer storage tank.

PVC Tank Liners: An Overview

A PVC tank liner is an effective lining material with excellent chemical resistance and flexibility. The liner hangs inside the tank and serves as the primary containment for the stored material. The material, once introduced to the tank, only comes in contact with the liner.

Useful for Secondary Containment

PVC tank liners are a great option when you need secondary containment for spills. Secondary containment refers to a secondary barrier or outer wall that acts as a double enclosure in stopping the leakage of hazardous substances, and the ensuing contamination of water and soil. Additionally, it offers further reinforcement of storage systems by holding materials that are corrosive, combustible, reactive, flammable, or toxic.

If the material in your tank is questionable, check with the Critical Materials Register of your state. This will allow you to find out if you need to use a tank containment liner with a secondary containment capability to hold the material. Even if the substance you store is not dangerous, applying secondary containment is wise to stop any possible pollutants from leaking or spilling into the groundwater supply.

Resistant to Corrosive Chemicals

Corrosion is the loss or deterioration of a material (usually metal) and its properties as a result of the electrochemical, chemical, and other reactions of the exposed material with its surrounding environment. The condition of a storage tank may deteriorate if you don’t implement the appropriate corrosion-control measures.

If you’re going to install a containment liner for the tank, PVC is a good material. PVC tank liners provide resistance to corrosive chemicals. They won’t corrode or rust over time, as it does not react with water and air the same way metal does.

Benefits of PVC Tank Liners

When searching for industrial tank liners for your storage tank, go for PVC. You’ll enjoy these benefits when you choose this type of tank liner:

  • Flexible – PVC tank liners are highly flexible. They provide excellent interface friction without becoming textured and readily conform to subgrade contours.
  • Durable – PVC has exceptional abrasion resistance and high puncture strength. Additionally, it’s resistant to various industrial chemicals.
  • Time-Saver – Installing a PVC tank liner allows your facility to save downtime usually experienced with on-site fabrication and applied coatings.
  • Easy Installation – Many PVC liners only take around a day to install. They’re also easier to implement than a double-walled tank.

When it comes to your tank liner needs, Heartland Tank Services is the one to call. We manufacture PVC tank liners across the country. On top of that, we customize these liners depending on your needs. We have a team of experienced and trained technicians who fabricate PVC tank liners in our facility using the latest technology.

The PVC tank liners we custom design and make are suitable for most industrial containment applications and uses. They are resistant to a wide variety of corrosive, alkali, and inorganic chemicals.

Apart from producing tank liners, we offer installation services. Our staff professionally installs PVC liners properly and efficiently. You can count on us to meet your tank lining customization, manufacturing, and installation needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Many states, including Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Oklahoma, and Colorado, now require primary and secondary containment for above ground storage tanks. Failure to adhere to the containment requirements can expose a company to hefty fines. A Maine oil company, for instance, was slapped with a $177,500 fine in 2012 for not providing adequate containment for some of their facility’s above ground storage tanks.

Adding a Heartland Tank Services’ internal flexible liner to your tank as primary containment with the tank as secondary containment is one way to satisfy this requirement. We understand and follow EPA regulations for both primary and secondary containment.

Stay compliant and avoid unwanted environmental fines by installing our internal flexible PVC tank liner. Contact Heartland Tank Services today to learn more about installing an internal flexible PVC tank liner or click here.