Heartland Tank Services, Inc. President and CEO Chris Brooks announced his retirement from leadership effective December 31, 2022. Chris has worked for the organization and served as the President and CEO since its inception in 2007. He is looking forward to spending time with family and pursuing personal interests.

Chris’ History with Heartland

Heartland Tank Services, Inc. opened for business in 2007. The mission was to provide knowledgeable liquid storage tank solutions, secondary containment alternatives, and comprehensive inspections. This was accomplished through innovative leadership and exceptional service with quality, integrity, and dedication. Over fifteen years later, the Heartland team continues to supports that goal through every company division.

Though Chris formed this organization in 2007, he has been in the business since 1996. At that time, Chris met with various State Departments of Agriculture and State Environmental Protection Agencies to seek approval for the Internal Tank Liner system to serve as primary containment. He gained approval in 14 Midwest states and many others have since given their approval.

The company grew from a one man operation to now having over two dozen employees. Heartland Tank Services, Inc. is now an industry leader for all liquid storage and containment needs.

The Future of Heartland Tank Services, Inc.

Chris has paved the way for his successors, and they look forward to continuing to grow the legacy Chris worked hard to build. As Mr. Brooks steps down, he is able to assure all of the customers of Heartland Tank Services, Inc., as well as the entire Agricultural Fertilizer community that the organization is in good hands.

The headquarters for Heartland Tank Services, Inc. will shift from Greenwood Village, CO to Oklahoma City, OK. Salvador Villagran, formerly the company General Manager, since 2012, will serve as President and CEO. Brian Hasselbring, formerly the Regional Sales Manager, will oversee all customer relationship management and serve as Chief Sales Officer. Rick Buntt, current API 653 inspector, will serve as Chief Operations Officer. Joining them are Paul Butler, Regional Sales Project Manager; Carlos Paredes, Liner Foreman; and Mario Romero, Liner Foreman, to ensure that there will be no interruption in services to all of Heartland Tank Services, Inc’s customers.

Chris Brooks and the New Board agree the company has the right pieces in place to maintain the highest level of excellence Heartland Tank Services is known for.