Storage Tank Relocation and Reconstruction

As welded storage tanks increased in popularity between 1960 and 1990, many existing riveted tanks were cut down and reconstructed as welded tanks.  After the catastrophic failure of a reconstructed tank in 1986, there was a clear need for guidance in safely relocating and reconstructing tanks.  In 1991, API 653 was published and specifically addressed dismantling and reconstruction of aboveground storage tanks.

Section 10 of API 653 states “[a]ll reconstruction work must be authorized by the authorized (API certified) inspector or an engineer experienced in storage tank design” before commencement of the work.  Section 10 provides guidance to the API 653 certified inspector or tank engineer as to methods of dismantling the various parts of a tank, using tank piece identification and alignment markings, reconstructing the tank, and testing dimensional tolerances on the reconstructed tank.

Repair or Alteration of a Storage Tank

Section 9, another important portion of API 653, addresses repair and alteration of aboveground storage tanks.  Again, all repair work to an above ground storage tank must be authorized by an API certified inspector or an engineer experienced in storage tank design.  Section 9 of API 653 details what requirements the certified inspector or tank engineer must follow when performing tasks such as removing or replacing shell plate material, installing a door sheet, repairing or installing a new tank bottom, and much more.

API 653

So whether you need an API 653 inspection, tank repair, or tank relocation, the API 653 Standard speaks to how these procedures should be safely completed.

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