Heartland Tank Services Founder Chris Brooks accepted an award from Illinois’s AG-SOLVE group for the continued donation of an API 653 inspection service to the AG-SOLVE fundraising auction at the IFCA trade show. Dan Mogged of AG-SOLVE presented Brooks with the Leadership Award. This award is named in honor of Senator Harry “Babe” Woodward, the late Illinois State Senator known for being a spokesman for farmers. Heartland Tank Services received the award for the continued support of the Illinois group that supports legislators who take a leadership role in the priorities and policies of the Ag-Input Industry.

Requirements for mandatory fertilizer tank inspections vary based on state and local regulations. Some states still have no mandatory inspection requirement for fertilizer tanks. The Fertilizer Institute recommends an API 650 storage tank storing fertilizer to have a full inspection every five years. While some states do not have inspection requirements, the tide is turning as more states experience environmental spills from leaking tanks (Examples include West Virginia and Indiana). Another recent source requiring API 653 inspections for fertilizer tanks are insurance companies. Insurance companies have realized the potential loss from tank failures and leaks. To protect their interests, many have started requiring regular API 653 inspections on tanks they insure. Without a federal requirement or consistent state requirements of API 653 fertilizer tank inspections, a tank owner can be confused as to whether they are required to perform an API 653 inspection and if so, how often. Heartland Tank Services tracks the state requirements. If you have any questions, please contact our professional API 653 inspection service team at 800-774-3230.