Heated, Insulated Storage Tank Systems

Do you struggle with your product salting out in cold weather or keeping a product at a needed constant temperature? Then you should consider a heated, insulated tank system by Heartland Tank Services that accomplishes a consistent product temperature in an automated and energy efficient manner.

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What’s in the System?

Heartland’s heated, insulated tank systems can be installed on new or existing tanks. The system is comprised of insulation panels attached to the external wall of the tank, a heating element, and circulation system all connected to an automated operating panel. This combination ensures an efficient constant product temperature in the above ground storage tank.

The type of heating element used depends on whether the tank has an internal PVC liner. With a PVC lined tank, the heating element is on the outside of the tank underneath the insulation panels to prevent any damage to the liner. If the tank uses a different method of secondary containment, a glycol heat coil system is used inside the tank.

Ease of Automated Operation

There’s no time in a busy day to sit and monitor the tank product temperature. So Heartland Tank Services makes it simple for you by having an automated system that monitors the product temperature. You set the minimum temperature for the product in each tank. 2016 Automation PicWhen the temperature reaches that minimum, the system automatically engages the heating element and circulation system to ensure the proper product temperature throughout the tank. The circulation system is crucial to this system by preventing cold spots within the tank that could allow for salting out of the product.

Automation of the heated, insulated tank system provides 24-hour system monitoring and control of the product temperature. All you have to do is set the needed minimum temperature and check the automation monitor on a periodic basis.

Energy Efficient

Concerned that such a system would drastically hike your energy bill? You need not worry, because the black insulation panels protect your wallet. Black absorbs the heat of the sun at the highest rate of any color. Even when the temperature outside drops, the sun can still feed energy to the black insulation panels. The other key role the panels play in making the system energy efficient is that it keeps the heat inside the tank, so the heating element is only occasionally engaged. Thus, the sun and the insulation coefficient of the panels are what keep your energy bill low.

Field Tested, Customer Approved

Several Heartland customers have implemented heated, insulated tank systems to prevent products such as 32% liquid nitrogen and ammonium thiosulfate from salting out in cold temperatures. All customers were impressed with the ability of the system to maintain a constant temperature in extremely cold temperatures without using a great deal of electricity. The Arthur Companies in Harvey, North Dakota had data whether their heated, insulated tank maintained a product temperature of 46 degrees despite the outside temperature reaching down to -20 degrees. The systems enabled these customers to store the temperature sensitive products throughout the winter without salting, providing them an upper hand to buy product at lower prices and have it on hand whenever a customer needs it.

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