The Andersons, Inc. recently announced its acquisition of Kay Flo Industries Crop Nutrient Group.

The Kay Flo Industries acquisition comprises Nutra-Flo, PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer, MicroSolutions, and Nulex. The animal nutrient portions of Kay Flo were separated and not a part of the deal.

With The Andersons’ plans to expand its wholesale and specialty fertilizer business, the Kay Flo Industries purchase is aligned with The Andersons’ strategy. Nutro-Flo alone is the leading American manufacturer of premium liquid starter fertilizers and a formulator of micronutrient enriched plant nutrients.

Included in the purchase are three plant nutrient manufacturing and distribution assets of Kay Flo located in Iowa and Nebraska. Within these assets are more than 100,000 tons of aboveground storage tank space and more than 200,000 tons of liquid fertilizers in average annual sales.

At the completion of the sale, The Andersons the largest manufacturer of traditional row starters and the leading manufacturer of specialty nutrients, according to Bill Wolf, President of The Andersons’ Plant Nutrient Group.

This purchase continues the Andersons’ trend of acquisitions demonstrated in 2014. According to, The Andersons purchased Auburn Bean and Grain for additional storage capacity through the six grain and four agronomy assets gained. Expansion of their good grade corn business was enabled by the buyout of two San Antonio, Texas food grade grain companies.