Heartland Tank Services’ new Leak Detection System (LDS) is a first-of-its-kind system for giving liquid fertilizer storage tank owners the ability to detect potential leak issues with their tanks without the hassle of sending someone out regularly to check the Leak Monitors. The LDS is designed to immediately detect leaks in your large liquid storage tanks that have an internal flexible membrane liner for the containment of that tank. By having automated leak detection, you no longer have trips to check the tank, saving you time. The system will sense the presence of any liquid and distinguish whether it is simply condensation or actual product. The system triggers an alert and sends out instant notifications to your team members as well as our staff, giving you peace of mind.

The Leak Sensor is installed directly on the 1” ball valve connected to the leak detection port on the exterior of the tank. It continually monitors activity in case of the presence of any liquid between the inner wall of the tank and the PVC liner.

Each LDS consists of a Main Controller and one Leak Sensor (as seen in the picture). However, up to three extra Leak Sensors could be installed at the valve boxes. Depending on the design of the tank, the LDS could have as many as four Leak Sensors.

Additionally, the LDS can connect to a Top Mount High Level Detection system. A High-Level Probe offering a single point switch for high level detection is installed. The probe is wired into the Main Controller, and once activated, it would trigger the control points for the pumps to prevent overfill of the tank.

The process for being one of the first to install this system, therefore separating yourself from the competition, is outlined below:

1. Determine how many of your tanks have leak monitor valves that require someone to physically check them on a regular basis.

2. Calculate the money that can be saved by automating leak detection, allowing your employees to spend their time on other important tasks while reducing your stress and worries about the safety of your tanks.

3. Call Heartland Tank Services at 1-800-774-3230 or email a member of our sales staff to schedule your installation so that you can begin enjoying the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology today!