In this season of unique challenges, Heartland Tank Services, Inc. has not only continued to provide our first-class service for liquid storage needs, but we have also increased our service offerings for our valued customers. We understand that your business is essential, so we are focused in supporting you by offering time-saving services, such as our new Database and Leak Detection System. We choose to use this pandemic as an opportunity to re-evaluate how to best suit our customers’ needs so your business can grow as seamlessly as possible.


1. Construct above-ground storage tanks

a. Tanks are field-erected onsite

b. We use high-quality materials and have dedicated crews that specialize in tank construction

2. Install internal PVC liners for tanks

a. Liners are flexible, durable, and easily installed

b. Covers state requirements for secondary containment

3. Inspect storage tanks according to API 653 standards

a. Experienced and honest inspectors provide accurate and direct explanations

b. All inspections meet API 653 standards

4. Clean storage tanks and liners

a. Product residue can cause corrosion damage to your tanks and/or internal liners

b. Skilled and trained teams provide efficient cleaning with professionalism

5. Repair and modify storage tanks

a. Tanks can be damaged by various weather events – we make repairs

b. Modifications and/or repairs completed by our team are API 653 compliant

6. Coat storage tanks

a. Proper internal coating can protect your tank from accelerated corrosion damage

b. External coating varies by environmental conditions and can have a large impact on the life of the tank

7. Design and build fertilizer facilities

a. Plans are made by Total Fertilizer Construction

b. Reduce the stress of planning with a turnkey coordinated project

8. Install heated/insulated storage tanks

a. Installed on new or existing tanks

b. Energy efficient and easy to operate

9. **NEW** Install our state-of-the-art Leak Detection System on your lined tanks

a. An automated system alerts tank owners of a leak

b. Easily installed on existing leak monitors

10. **NEW** Access our inspection report database at https://heartlandtankservices.com

a. Accurate information for each location is right at your fingertips

b. Easily request new services completely free