Our experts can work with you as to your tank needs and determine what combination of tank size, secondary containment, and tank attachments are best for your situation. Calculating your annual tonnage and the area of property available on your business lot is used to determine the best dimensions of the above ground steel tank. Another factor in tank size determination is your choice in secondary containment. A containment dike will take more room than using a flexible internal PVC liner. Finally, our tank experts can assist you in determining the optimum number, size, and placement of valves for the filling and unloading of the tank.

Do you have questions about issues you are facing with a current tank you own? Tell our personnel what is happening, and we can provide some on the spot advice or schedule an API 653 tank inspection. Even the best built above ground steel tank will need some upkeep and repairs due to the stresses and conditions it endures. If your tank needs an API 653 repair, our staff can explain what is involved and have your repair work scheduled.

Are you having issues with your product salting out during the colder months? Heartland Tank Companies has the solution of a heated, insulated tank system. It can be used on a new or existing tank whether it uses a liner, dike, or double wall tank as secondary containment. The system includes a heat source, insulation panels, an automated system to ensure a minimum temperature, and a circulation system. This heated, insulated tank system has been proven in the field to be heat efficient and consistent in maintaining a minimum product temperature to prevent product salting.

No matter what your above ground steel tank needs are, our tank experts at Heartland Tank Companies will be ready and willing to assist you at the MAGIE show. Stop by and find a path forward to a better tank operation. Stop and see us at Booth Number 3 or call us at 800-774-3230.