It is that time of year again to setup booths at various state agricultural trade shows and expos to display the new equipment and methods to make being a retailer and farmer more efficient. MAGIE, short for Midwest Ag Industries Exposition, is always the first trade show of the year and attracts members of the agricultural industry from all over the country and beyond. This show is always well attended by both exhibitors as well as attendees.

The MAGIE show is this week, starting Wednesday August 24 and ending Thursday August 25. MAGIE is an outside trade show sponsored by the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association, Inc. Held in Bloomington, Illinois at the McLean County Fairgrounds the show takes advantage of the end of summer weather.

Heartland Tank Companies will be among the 103 exhibitors at MAGIE. At Booth 2, we will be showcasing our high quality above ground liquid fertilizer tanks. If you are new to building a field erected liquid fertilizer tank or have been in the liquid fertilizer retail business for decades, stop by to speak with our knowledgeable staff about what makes our API 650 tanks higher quality.

A new exhibitor will be joining us at MAGIE this year at Booth 4. Total Fertilizer Construction partners with Heartland Tank, LLC and Heartland Tank Services and other vendors to build entire fertilizer facilities. Hate bidding for various contractors for building more than an above ground storage tank? Total Fertilizer Construction takes that over for you and yet keeps you in the deciding process of which contractors to choose. Then you can concentrate on running your daily business while the management of TFC oversees the contractors to complete the design build that is custom built for your business needs. A design build by TFC takes all of the hassle out of tackling a large build project while ensuring a great result that fulfills your needs.

So join us at the 2016 MAGIE show at Booths 2 and 4.