Tank Welding

steel-stroage-tank-weldingHeartland Tank, LLC’s management staff has experience in erecting and welding above-ground steel storage tanks that spans over three decades.  With this type of expertise, we know what is required to create solid, clean welds.  In fact, our team was instrumental in the design and fabrication of the double-sided girth welder that provides the strongest and most precise welds available.


welding-shell-plateThere is a significant difference in the quality of the average tank welder and the double-sided girth welder used by Heartland Tank, LLC.

In addition to using the precision welding machines of the single and double girth welders, our personnel are certified welders and are only satisfied with the highest quality of weld seams.  Heartland Tank, LLC ensures the integrity of its welds by following a stringent set of welding procedures.  Heartland Tank, LLC takes great pride in constructing the strongest possible tank for agricultural, liquid nitrogen/fertilizer, oil, water, and other storage purposes.