steel-storage-tank-constructionHeartland Tank, LLC is particular with purpose when it comes to selecting materials for building welded carbon and stainless steel tanks.  An above ground storage tank that withstands constant pressure from its contents is only as strong as its component materials.

Heartland Tank, LLC only uses domestic steel in order to be assured of having quality mill certifications.  Each piece of steel used on the tank has a unique stamp that correlates to mill certification paperwork, documenting the source and type of steel.  Additionally, Heartland Tank, LLC always uses 8 foot sheets of steel for the shell, roof, and floor of each tank. Using 8 foot sheets maximizes the strength of the tank by decreasing the number of courses and lateral welds in each tank.

Heartland Tank, LLC does not risk the integrity of its tank material.  Rather, Heartland Tank, LLC ensures only the best mill certified plate steel is used in building our tanks.