Tank Tidbits

The Flip Side of Full Oil Above Ground Storage Tanks

Many news articles have addressed the fact that low oil demand has led to above ground storage tanks becoming full, both in the US and abroad. While this is an issue in and of itself, it isn’t the full story. There are other repercussions of the oil glut, including the fact that more than 60… Read more »

Cargill Sells U.S. Liquid Fertilizer Tank Ag Retail Locations to Agrium

Cargill recently announced that it entered into a binding purchase agreement with Agrium to sell its U.S. ag retail business. The 18 ag-retail locations would technically be acquired by Agrium’s subsidiary, Crop Production Services, Inc. These locations have annual revenues of over $150 million, adding to Crop Production Services’ large footprint in the ag retail… Read more »

Does Your Liquid Fertilizer Tank Need An API 653 Inspection?

It is that time of year again when most liquid fertilizer tanks are empty after the spring fertilizer season. This is the perfect time to have an API 653 inspection performed on your above ground storage tank. The question is whether your tank is in need of an inspection. No federal regulations exist as to… Read more »

Dangers of Vapors from Above Ground Storage Tanks

Deaths of oilfield workers over the years indicate there may be a safety gap when it comes to exposure to vapors in above ground storage tanks. Most recently, a 21 year-old worker was found dead on top of a steel storage tank. His job was to measure the oil level by dropping a rope down… Read more »

Liquid Fertilizer from Leftovers

Most of us are used to recycling cans and bottles by now. But two companies have developed successful technology to convert what would have been wasted food into liquid fertilizer. These technologies essentially recycle food. The Digester One of the companies is called California Safe Soil (CSS) and is located in Old Town Salinas, California…. Read more »

The Above Ground Storage Tank That Inspires Music

Well here’s an interesting story about an above ground storage tank that you don’t hear everyday. As reported by the Denver community paper Westword, an old tank in Rangely, Colo. is being used as a recording studio for music–and much more. History The tank was originally moved to Rangely in the 60s to store water… Read more »

PVC Liners as Secondary Containment; How It Works

When considering secondary containment systems for your API 650 above ground storage tanks, there is a range of options. To meet state requirements, most systems are designed to catch the liquid after it leaks from the tank, such as with dikes or double walled tanks. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Secondary Containment Liners, on the other hand,… Read more »

Fertilizer Retailer Mergers Continue

Two mergers continue a recent trend of mergers and acquisitions in the fertilizer distribution/retailer market. In part, the trend result is the decreased number of companies controlling the flow of liquid fertilizer from the producers to above ground storage tanks to the end consumer, the grower. Farmers Cooperative Co and West Central Cooperative The first… Read more »

Fertilizer Waiting Game Could Cause Repeat Railroad Backlog

Growers and fertilizer retailers alike are sitting on the fence as to when to purchase their fertilizer product. One would be surprised at this simply looking at the market for both granulated and liquid fertilizer: supply is up, so the price is down. However, the fertilizer market alone does not predict how quickly retailers will… Read more »

API 650: The Best Way to Build an Above Ground Storage Tank

In today’s environment of safety consciousness and environmental concern, it would make sense that above ground storage tank owners would want assurances that their tanks are constructed in such a way that would prevent accidents and leaks. It would also make sense that state and local governments would want the same assurances. So when constructing… Read more »