Tank Tidbits

Another Revision to West Virginia’s Above Ground Storage Tank Act

Years after the West Virginia Above Ground Storage Act was signed into law, the West Virginia legislature is again looking at changing the number of storage tanks that must comply with the law. In reaction to chemicals leaking from an API 650 tank into the local Charleston waterways, the Act imposed a registration and certification… Read more »

Draining API 650 Storage Tanks of Oil

As expected, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and some non-OPEC countries reached an agreement in 2016 to cut the production of crude oil to increase prices. This cut has ended the super contango in the oil market, and API 650 tanks are starting to be emptied to put the oil on the… Read more »

Repurposing an API 650 Tank: Max Fill Height and API 653

API 650 tanks are commonly repurposed to store a different liquid than what intended when the tank was originally built. This happens in every industry imaginable, because companies want to use their capital resources efficiently. The most important step in the process is to have an API 653 tank inspection performed on the above ground… Read more »

Earthquakes, Fracking, and API 650 Storage Tanks in Cushing, Oklahoma

In recent years, Oklahoma has experienced hundreds of magnitude 3+ earthquakes annually — with each year since 2013 bringing a remarkable increase over the prior year. What is the cause of this continued increase in earthquakes? According to Oklahoma’s Office of the Secretary of Energy and Environment’s Earthquakes in Oklahoma: What We Know webpage, “The… Read more »

3 Facts About Valve Containment Boxes on Your API 650 Tank

Have you ever wondered why you need valve containment boxes on you’re API 650 tank when you already have an internal PVC tank liner, one of the state’s acceptable secondary containment options? First, states that permit internal tank liners require valve containment boxes, so there really is no choice in the matter. Nevertheless, valve containment boxes… Read more »

Liquid Fertilizer Tanks: Shop Built Versus Field Erected

Above ground storage tanks come in unlimited sizes and can store a seemingly infinite variety of liquid products. Although it seems like tanks are not that different, one main difference is where they are built. For a liquid fertilizer tank, it is either built in the shop or in the field at the final location. Building Style… Read more »

Above Ground Storage Tanks in Space?

Here at Heartland Tank Services we’ve constructed a lot of above ground storage tanks in locations throughout the United States and beyond under a wide range of circumstances. We’ve never really given any thought to building a tank any place but on earth, so we were intrigued to see a recent article about building storage… Read more »

Saying Goodbye to Beautiful Above Ground Storage Tanks

In just viewing them, above ground storage tanks do little to raise the pulse. When you think of an API tank, you probably picture something big, boring, and bland; they are a classic case of function over fashion and normally a company logo is about as exciting as it gets. However, there have been examples… Read more »

2016-17 Ag Trade Show Season Starts with MAGIE

It is that time of year again to setup booths at various state agricultural trade shows and expos to display the new equipment and methods to make being a retailer and farmer more efficient. MAGIE, short for Midwest Ag Industries Exposition, is always the first trade show of the year and attracts members of the… Read more »

The Flip Side of Full Oil Above Ground Storage Tanks

Many news articles have addressed the fact that low oil demand has led to above ground storage tanks becoming full, both in the US and abroad. While this is an issue in and of itself, it isn’t the full story. There are other repercussions of the oil glut, including the fact that more than 60… Read more »