Considerations in Repurposing Liquid Above Ground Steel Storage Tanks

Repurposing and recycling is a common trend as well as ways a company can effectively use its capital resources.  An above ground storage tank is an asset that can be repurposed to store a different liquid than originally intended when it was built.  Before filling the tank with a new liquid product, several steps need… Read more »

Low Steel Prices Make It Buyers’ Market for Steel Storage Tanks

Steel prices have fallen yet again after an already 10% price drop in 2014.  In the realm of steel storage tanks, this decrease translates to the price of steel plate material dropping approximately $10 per hundred weight.  For an API 650 above ground storage tank compared to prices in 2013, the customer can see a… Read more »

West Virginia Senate Bill 423 A Signature Away From Revising the Aboveground Storage Tank Act

A year after the water contamination catastrophe from the Freedom Industries chemical spill and quick enactment of the West Virginia Aboveground Storage Tank Act, West Virginia Senate Bill 423 has been passed by the Senate and House.  The Bill greatly scales back the number of aboveground storage tanks that would be regulated by the state… Read more »

How to Handle Winter Salt and Stratification in Your Liquid Fertilizer Tank

The winter cold is starting to break, and you are preparing to use various starters and liquid fertilizers for the upcoming agricultural season.  Liquid fertilizer that has sat in aboveground storage tanks through a cold winter is not exactly the same as when it was placed in the tank.  Cold temperatures can have two possible… Read more »

Possible Unsettling of West Virginia’s Above Ground Storage Tank Act

Just after the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection proposed annual fees for above ground storage tank owners to fund the regulatory structure created by the Above Ground Storage Tank Act (“ASTA”), a bill was introduced on Tuesday to significantly revise the ASTA.  The revisions would drastically reduce the number of above ground storage tanks… Read more »

Cyber Farming: A Look at How Smart Technology Can Help Agricultural Workers

Technology and agricultural work are becoming more intertwined than ever before in history — and we’re not talking about FarmVille. According to a November 1 New York Times report, today’s farmers are increasingly taking advantage of smart technology — sensors, GPS trackers, irrigation apps, cloud computing systems and communications gadgets — in order to optimize their agricultural… Read more »

Indiana Legislature Considers Above Ground Storage Tank Registration Bill

The Indiana Legislature has before it Senate Bill 312 regarding above ground storage tank registration.  The Bill was introduced by Sen. Ed Charbonneau and Sen. Mark Stoops.  This Bill appears to be following the lead of West Virginia in requiring above ground storage tanks to be registered with the state environmental department. The West Virginia… Read more »

Many Tanks and Happy New Year!

As we wind down 2014 and look ahead to 2015, the staff at Heartland Tank Services, Inc. wanted to take the time to thank all of our customers, vendors, and others who made the past year successful.  While most business evaluations of success are measured simply in widgets, which for our business are aboveground storage… Read more »

Chris Brooks Speaks About Storage Tank Maintenance Issues at Fluid Fertilizer Workshop

The Fluid Fertilizer Foundation held its 2014 Fluid Technology Workshop in Sacramento on December 9th and 10th.  Focusing on liquid fertilizer, the various speakers addressed topics including water testing, crop management with marginal water quality, plant operation, formulation and compatibility issues, UAN composition variability, and soil testing methods. Chris Brooks from Heartland Tank Services, Inc…. Read more »

How To Choose The Best Foundation For Your Aboveground Liquid Storage Tank

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – David Allen Coe Foundation – it is the support and base of an entity, whether it is an area of knowledge (mathematics, art, music), education generally, ideology, relationships, organization… Read more »