Monthly Archives: March 2016

PVC Liners as Secondary Containment; How It Works

When considering secondary containment systems for your API 650 above ground storage tanks, there is a range of options. To meet state requirements, most systems are designed to catch the liquid after it leaks from the tank, such as with dikes or double walled tanks. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Secondary Containment Liners, on the other hand,… Read more »

Fertilizer Retailer Mergers Continue

Two mergers continue a recent trend of mergers and acquisitions in the fertilizer distribution/retailer market. In part, the trend result is the decreased number of companies controlling the flow of liquid fertilizer from the producers to above ground storage tanks to the end consumer, the grower. Farmers Cooperative Co and West Central Cooperative The first… Read more »

Fertilizer Waiting Game Could Cause Repeat Railroad Backlog

Growers and fertilizer retailers alike are sitting on the fence as to when to purchase their fertilizer product. One would be surprised at this simply looking at the market for both granulated and liquid fertilizer: supply is up, so the price is down. However, the fertilizer market alone does not predict how quickly retailers will… Read more »