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Above Ground Storage Tanks: Industries’ Backbone

Steel storage tanks are the cornerstone of many industries in the United States. The manufacturing, agriculture, sanitation, and oil industries are just a small example of industries that rely on above ground storage tanks. Above ground storage tanks (ASTs) have a wide range of sizes and shapes. Some are horizontal, bullet shaped tanks where others… Read more »

Ohio Governor Signs Law Intended to Reduce Harmful Runoff From Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Last April, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a law designed to reduce the algal blooms that severely disrupted the drinking water supply in Lake Erie last year. The Blade reports that Kasich signed the bill on the Lake Erie shore, a symbolic gesture which indicated the water crisis Ohio citizens faced last August, especially in… Read more »

CropLife Article Highlights Heartland Tank Companies’ Heated, Insulated Aboveground Storage Tanks

The July 2015 CropLife Retail Facilities Report features an article on the new product of heated, insulated aboveground storage tanks offered by the Heartland Tank Companies. The article explains how these storage tanks, new to the liquid fertilizer industry, combat the negative effects of cold temperatures on some liquid fertilizers.    The Cold, Salty Problem… Read more »

ResponsibleAg Inc. Provides Invaluable Services For Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Liquid fertilizer tanks are tightly regulated by the federal government. Federal environmental, health, safety, and security regulations can be daunting to comply with. Many proprietors of liquid fertilizer tanks (i.e. farmers) become frustrated when complying with them on their own. Fortunately, there are sources out there that help farmers with these regulations. One of them,… Read more »