Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Andersons Continue Trend With Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturer Acquisition

The Andersons, Inc. recently announced its acquisition of Kay Flo Industries Crop Nutrient Group. The Kay Flo Industries acquisition comprises Nutra-Flo, PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer, MicroSolutions, and Nulex. The animal nutrient portions of Kay Flo were separated and not a part of the deal. With The Andersons’ plans to expand its wholesale and specialty fertilizer business,… Read more »

API 650: The Basics of Above Ground Storage Tank Construction

Above ground storage tanks (ASTs) provide the backbone for several industries in the United States and beyond. Liquid fertilizer tanks, for example, hold in bulk the substances farmers depend on to grow their crops. ASTs store the oil both people and factories use, for automobiles and industrial purposes respectively. Steel storage tanks store the heavy… Read more »