Monthly Archives: May 2015

Colorado Tightens Regulations on Oil and Gas Above Ground Storage Tanks

Two years after a serious flood in Colorado, the state’s Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has instated stricter rules for the oil and gas facilities in floodplain lands. Coloradoan reports that the commission issued these rules on March 2nd despite the protests from the local oil and gas industries and some politicians, deeming… Read more »

New Storage Tank Requirement Replaces Use of Shale Drilling Waste Pits

A new ban on shale drilling waste pits in Pennsylvania — and on federal land — could soon change the way waste from hydraulic fracturing is stored and disposed. According to a March 17 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently announced plans to ban temporary waste pits at shale gas… Read more »

Frequent Earthquakes Near Cushing, OK Raise Concerns for Above Ground Storage Tanks

On Sunday, April 12, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake rumbled the town of Cushing, OK. This low-magnitude tremor certainly wasn’t the first to hit Oklahoma in recent months — or even that day. According to Oklahoma City’s News 9, the Cushing earthquake was the eighth earthquake above a 2.0 magnitude to take place that Sunday throughout… Read more »

Above Ground Storage Tank Leaks 1,500 Gallons of Used Oil in Washington State

An above ground storage tank located in south-central Washington state recently leaked as much as 1,500 gallons of used motor oil into a creek that flows into the Yakima River, a water source crucial to the state’s agricultural status as an apple-growing hub. According to a March 2 Reuters article, the cause of the spill… Read more »