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Crane Needs for Installing Above Ground Storage Tank Liner

Internal tank liners are less expensive options for satisfying secondary containment requirements in many states.  For installation purposes, a crane is needed for each install to place the PVC liner in the tank.  Many types of cranes exist for transferring significant weight loads to varying heights.  For installing PVC liners, a crane with a smaller… Read more »

Lightning and Resulting Fire Launch Aboveground Storage Tank into Air

In Greeley, Colorado, lightning struck an aboveground storage tank used for waste water in a hydraulic fracking operation, causing quite a reaction.  After the lightning struck around 1 pm, several explosions were heard and a fire broke out.  According to an AP report posted by the Weather Channel, one of the aboveground storage tanks was… Read more »

No Impact on Large Liquid Fertilizer Tank Owners from Revised Indiana Tank Bill 312

Indiana Senate Bill 312 addressing above ground storage tank reporting and water threat minimization has gone through several changes since its introduction in January 2015.  Bill 312 was sent back to the Indiana Senate for a vote after several amendments were made by the House. Major Bill Amendments The definition of an above ground storage… Read more »

Considerations in Repurposing Liquid Above Ground Steel Storage Tanks

Repurposing and recycling is a common trend as well as ways a company can effectively use its capital resources.  An above ground storage tank is an asset that can be repurposed to store a different liquid than originally intended when it was built.  Before filling the tank with a new liquid product, several steps need… Read more »